Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership

If petroleum storage tank ownership has changed, notify OPS within 30 days of the change or transfer of tank ownership by submitting either the AST or the UST Transfer of Ownership form to us at It is important that OPS receives the Transfer of Ownership documentation in a timely manner to ensure compliance requirements are communicated with the current owner in a timely manner.

Only the new owner is required to notify OPS of the change in ownership; however, the transfer of ownership documentation can be completed by either the new owner or the former owner.

AST and UST Transfer of Ownership Form Examples

Click on the images below to view examples of completed transfer of ownership forms.

AST Transfer of Ownership example form
UST Transfer of Ownership example form


Tips for Completing the Transfer of Ownership form

  • The facility name listed on the form should match the name identified on the signage at the facility building.
  • Identify the correct date of ownership change.
  • Identify the correct ownership type from these six options:
    • Individual
    • Corporate/Commercial
    • Federal Government
    • State Government
    • Local/Municipal Government
    • Native American Nation/Tribe
  • Complete the A/B Operator information if your acquisition includes USTs and submit a copy of the A/B Operator's training certificate to OPS within 30 days of the Transfer of Ownership.

After acquiring a storage tank system, you may have questions about its operation, what rules apply and what to expect from OPS. Request a visit if you would like to meet with an OPS representative to discuss your site.