Release Response


An owner/operator of a regulated petroleum storage tank facility is responsible for assessing and remediating a petroleum release upon discovery. Typically, a Recognized Environmental Professional is contracted to assist an owner/operator to respond to petroleum releases. OPS utilizes a formal method of risk evaluation based on the American Society of Testing and Materials Standard E 1739-95. This approach to risk evaluation allows for multiple closure criteria, or tiers, to be applied to a petroleum release.

OPS has the following remediation goals:


Release Response Chart explaining how to deal with a release

The release response section of the guidance addresses the topics of release discovery, initial abatement, characterization, corrective actions and closure criteria. OPS will issue a No Further Action letter once it has been demonstrated that the petroleum release is considered to be a low risk to human health and the environment. Petroleum release information will be archived in the OPS database and will indicate the appropriate closure criteria. A petroleum release investigation may be reopened if exposure conditions change.

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