Registered Amusement Ride Operators

Amusement Permit Holders

Colorado Revised Statutes mandate the Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS) to require regulated amusement ride and device operators to meet our standards for:

  • The registration, construction, repair and maintenance of amusement rides and devices;
  • Liability insurance coverage;
  • The annual inspection of each ride or device by an independent third-party inspector;
  • The submission of a Certificate of Inspection to OPS for each ride or device; and
  • Notifying OPS regarding:

    • Any injury caused by an equipment failure of an amusement ride,
    • The installation of any new amusement rides, and
    • The schedule for the location of the operation of amusement rides.

    The OPS Director may prohibit the operation of an amusement ride or device that does not meet the established registration, construction, repair, inspection and maintenance requirements.

    The OPS Amusement Rides and Devices Program maintains the Registered Amusement Ride Operators List as a way to keep both the public and amusement rides and devices owners/operators in Colorado aware of their permit standing. Registered amusement ride and device operators have met the regulatory requirements for obtaining a permit to operate in our state.

    When a registered amusement ride operator fails to comply with Colorado requirements for registration, construction, repair, maintenance, insurance, inspection and notification, OPS can, and will, remove the registered operator from the list.

    Note: by publishing the Registered Amusement Ride Operators list, OPS makes no representation that it endorses any company or person.