Applications & Fees

Relief of Disability

If your previous application for a Type I Explosives Permit has been denied, suspended or revoked under Article 3 Section 3.3 of the Explosives Program Regulations and you have since obtained an ATF Employee Possessor Letter of Clearance, you may now request a hearing in order to seek relief. 

Application Information

Please note that our fingerprinting process for new and renewal Type I applications has changed. Please use the For Type I Explosives Permit Applications drop-down feature below to view detailed information.

Click on the appropriate link below for the application(s) required, download and save a copy, and fill it out. The applications can be printed or completed as fillable forms on your computer.

Application TypeAssociated Fee

Type I Permit Application (Individuals)

Type II Permit Application (Companies)$225
Type III Permit Application (Storage - for Companies)$375
Once you have completed the application and determined the appropriate fee, using the table above, submit the application and payment (made payable to the Division of Oil & Public Safety) to the address listed on the application.

You may also submit your application via email to cdle_explosives@state.co.us and request an invoice to submit payment using our Online Payment System to pay your permit fees more efficiently.

  • All applicants (new and renewals) are required to complete the fingerprinting process through vendors assigned by CBI as requisite to the Type I permitting procedure.
  • If you are renewing your permit AND you are a designated Responsible Person by the ATF, you may submit your clearance letter indicating your status as Responsible Person with your application in lieu of completing the fingerprinting process.    
  • The fingerprinting process must be completed through two main vendors, Colorado Fingerprinting or IdentoGo. Please complete this step as you submit your Type I permit application to our office.
  • If there is not a Colorado Fingerprinting or IdentoGo location within 40 miles of your residence, you may obtain a fingerprint card from your local sheriff's office or police department to obtain a card. You may then mail the card to CBI.
    • Please mail the card to: Colorado Bureau of Investigation or CBI, 690 Kipling Street ‚ Suite 4000, Lakewood, CO 80215.
    • Use CONCJ7187 as the OCA number on your fingerprint card and list 9-7-106 as the State of Colorado statute reference.

Options for completing the fingerprinting process: 

Colorado Fingerprinting

  • Enroll online for Colorado fingerprinting or contact the Colorado Fingerprinting call center at 833-224-2227.
  • Use CBI Unique Code 7187EPSI.


  • Enroll online for Identgo or contact the IdentoGo call center at 844-539-5539.
  • When prompted, please enter the CBI account number CONCJ7187.

Out of State Applicant

  • Colorado Fingerprinting:
    • Register online as an out-of-state applicant. You may choose to pay online with a credit card or send a money order with your fingerprint card.
    • Mail your fingerprint card (and money order if applicable) to 110 16th St, 8th Floor, Denver, CO 80202. Important: do not mail to CBI.
  • Identogo:
    • Pre-enroll for an Identogo cardscan submission. All fees will be collected during the pre-enrollment process. A confirmation page will be provided once registration is complete.
    • Print and sign the completed pre-enrollment confirmation page, which includes the barcode printed on the top right of the page. Mail the signed pre- enrollment confirmation page and the completed fingerprint card to the mailing address provided on the confirmation page. Important: do not mail to CBI.

  • A list of all Type I permit holders currently employed with the company must be provided.

  • Companies requesting the Purchaser classification are required to provide the name(s) of the Type I permit holder(s) who will be authorized to order and receive explosives on behalf of the company.

  • The name(s), required information and signature(s) of the Type I permit holder(s) who will be directly responsible for the applicant's compliance with explosives rules and regulations must be provided.

  • The location of all storage sites and the number of each type of magazine at each storage site must be provided.

  • Companies are required to affirm that local sheriff and fire authorities were notified about the location of all storage sites just prior to submitting the application to OPS (for new and renewal applications).

  • The name(s), required information and signature(s) of the Type I permit holder(s) who will be directly responsible for the applicant's compliance with explosives rules and regulations must be provided.