All About Boilers

Here are some basic facts about boilers and pressure vessels in Colorado.

  • There are over 40,000 regulated boilers in Colorado.
  • In general, there are two categories of boilers: low-pressure heating boilers and high-pressure boilers.
    • Low-pressure heating boilers:
      • Are either steam boilers that operate with no more than 15 psi steam pressure or hydronic (water) boilers that operate with no more than 160 psi water pressure and no more than 250¬∞F operating temperature;
      • Are commonly found in office buildings, schools and apartment buildings providing hot water heating or hot water supply; and
      • Include domestic water heaters if the heat input is 200,000 BTU/hr or greater, 210¬∞F or greater or if the water volume is 120 gallons or greater.
    • High-pressure power boilers:
      • Are steam boilers that operate at steam pressures greater than 15 psi;
      • Include high temperature/high pressure hydronic (water) boilers that operate at greater than 160 psi water pressure and/or 250¬∞F; and
      • Are normally used for utilities, processing plants, drill rig sites, commercial laundries, dry cleaners and hospitals.

If you own or operate a building with a regulated boiler, view the New Boiler Owner Flyer to make sure you are operating it in compliance with the regulations.