If you are installing a new conveyance or upgrading an existing conveyance, follow the process below to obtain a Certificate of Operation.

There are three types of permits as follows:

• Installation Permit: A new conveyance

• Major Alteration Permit: Extensive in scope and requires a complete acceptance inspection and applicable witnessed tests.

• Minor Alteration Permit: Minor in scope and requires acceptance inspection of only the component altered. An example of this would be, changes to cab flooring or paneling.

Construction Permit Sequence

  1. Contractor completes Permit Application and submits with processing fee ($300 = install or $150 = alteration) to OPS
  2. Obtain Permit from OPS construction must begin within:
    • 1 year = installation permit
    • 6 months = alteration permit
  3. Following construction - Owner or Contractor arranges for Acceptance Test and Inspection
  4. Acceptance Test is conducted by a licensed contractor and witnessed by a licensed inspector (Acceptance Inspection)
  5. Inspector submits report to owner
  6. Owner submits Inspection Report with processing fee of $30 to OPS for review
  7. OPS issues Certificate of Operation