Best Practices & Standards


To submit a request for the Safety Commission to develop a best practice policy, you may complete one of the following:

Best Practices

Disclaimer: The Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission has established these best practices as required under §9-1.5-104.2, C.R.S. These best practices serve to advise the notification association and other state agencies, the general assembly and local governments on practices to prevent damage to underground utilities, to enhance public safety, to improve efficiency and cost savings to the 811 program and to ensure the highest level of productivity and service for the benefit of both excavators and owners and operators. These best practices are recommendations by the Safety Commission and may change over time. Compliance with these recommendations is not conclusive of compliance with the statutes and regulations and is not binding on the findings or determinations of the Safety Commission or determinations in any other forum.


Disclaimer: Owners and operators must meet the marking standards. Consequently, if an owner or operator deviates from the marking standards, it can be the basis of a violation.


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What is a frivolous complaint?

The Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission Regulations define a frivolous complaint as "A complaint filed with the Safety Commission that is entirely without merit and is made with the intention of causing inconvenience, harassment or expense."