Exam Schedule

The Type I Explosives Permit exam will be administered by Explosives Program staff for:

  • All new applicants, and
  • All renewing applicants who have not completed at least 16 hours of approved continuing education courses during their current permit period.

Applicants that must take the Type I Explosives Permit exam should thoroughly review the Colorado Explosives Regulations.

Applicants are required to:

  • Submit an application, pass a criminal background check and receive an "Exam Invitation" from the Explosives Program in order to take the Explosives Permit exam,
  • Select an exam date and location from the list below, and
  • Send an email to cdle_explosives@state.co.us or call 303-809-9354 to reserve a seat in the exam session of your choosing.

All exams for the Denver Metro area will be located at the address below.  Check our events calendar for the 2024 exam schedule.

Division of Oil and Public Safety
633 17th Street, Suite 500
Denver, CO  80202

Grand Junction Exams and Requests for Special Exam Sessions

The Explosives Program administers Explosives Permit exams at the Grand Junction location once per quarter.

OPS will also adjust our exam policy in order to accommodate employers that need to have groups of applicants tested at the same time. Please contact Scott Narreau at 303-809-9354 or scott.narreau@state.co.us if you need arrangements for a group of seven or more people to take the Explosives Permit exam. Please note that all persons requesting an exam must have submitted a complete Type I Explosives Permit application and received an invitation to take the test from our agency.

Please Note: The Division of Oil and Public Safety and the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment have a "Weapons Free" policy. Should you have a weapon with you, please secure it in your vehicle before you enter the building to conduct business with the Division of Oil and Public Safety. Thank you for your cooperation.