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Division of Oil and Public Safety
633 17th Street, Suite 500
Denver, CO  80202-3610
Phone: 303-318-8525

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Release Prevention & Inspection Sections
(including Fuel Quality Laboratory and Liquefied & Compressed Gasses)
Fax: 303-318-8518
Remediation Section
Fax: 303-318-8546
Fund Section
Fax: 303-318-8488
Reporting a release or for general technical questions
(Technical Assistance Line) - Weekday business hours
After hours emergency - Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment 877-518-5608
Complaints about service station fuel quality or quantity 303-866-4967
Permit applications for installation or upgrades of petroleum storage tank systems 303-318-8538
Questions about petroleum storage tank registration 303-318-8538
Questions on release detection records requests 303-318-8517
Questions on liquefied petroleum gas/propane compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas 303-378-1103
Questions about the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund 720-799-4190
Questions about the Petroleum Cleanup and Redevelopment Fund 720-326-1984


Petroleum Program Staff

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Zach Hope - Program Manager 303-242-2155 zach.hope@state.co.us
Alisha Humphrey 303-318-8517 alisha.humphrey@state.co.us
Bill Hickman 303-378-5090 bill.hickman@state.co.us
Vicki Cole 303-318-8538 vicki.cole@state.co.us

Release Prevention/Inspection

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Robert Schlegel - Supervisor 303-378-6812 robert.schlegel@state.co.us
Dan Likes 303-378-8322 dan.likes@state.co.us
Dan Cannell 303-815-7977 daniel.cannell@state.co.us
Rich Holcomb 303-883-1247 rich.holcomb@state.co.us
Murray Brown 303-728-4849 murray.brown@state.co.us
Orren Doss 303-918-6307 orren.doss@state.co.us
Monte McMechen 303-728-4496 monte.mcmechen@state.co.us
Aaron Spence 303-378-4009 aaron.spece@state.co.us
Donovan Iniguez-Hernandez 303-590-4028 donovan.iniguez-hernandez@state.co.us
Jesse Rios 303-883-5760 jesse.rios@state.co.us

Weights & Measures/Other Fuels

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Scott Simmons - Supervisor 303-378-1103 scott.simmons@state.co.us
Alberto Villagomez 303-877-2510 alberto.villagomez@state.co.us
Scott Wagner 303-378-6817 scotta.wagner@state.co.us
Wayne Reinert 303-883-8323 wayne.reinert@state.co.us

Fuel Quality Laboratory

1001 E. 62nd Ave
Denver, CO 80216
Phone: 303-866-4946
Fax: 303-866-5863
Consumer Complaints: 303-866-4967

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Michael Charney 303-866-4946 michael.charney@state.co.us
Amy Wilson 303-866-4945 amya.wilson@state.co.us


Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Mary KV White - Supervisor 720-584-5101 marykv.white@state.co.us
Hannah Williams 720-376-0239 hannah.williams@state.co.us
Jane Bral   jane.bral@state.co.us
Julia Fraser 720-326-1997 julia.fraser@state.co.us
Kenny Rogowski 303-489-0026 kenneth.rogowski@state.co.us
Kyle Campbell 303-945-5860 kyle.campbell@state.co.us
Tom Fox 720-346-1885 tom.fox@state.co.us
John Ritchie 720-391-1790 john.ritchie@state.co.us


Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Jenna Calkins - Manager 720-799-4190 jennifer.calkins@state.co.us
Christa Sanchez 720-813-9747 christa.sanchez@state.co.us
John Bonifacic 303-318-8516 john.bonifacic@state.co.us
Luz Duque 720-607-1915 luz.duque@state.co.us
Michael Hunt   michaels.hunt@state.co.us


Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Vinny Secondo 720-357-7496 vinny.secondo@state.co.us