Petroleum Storage Tank Fund

The Fund Section receives and processes applications to the Colorado Petroleum Storage Tank Fund (the Fund) for reimbursement of costs related to assessment and cleanup of petroleum contaminated sites. The results of these evaluations are presented monthly to the Petroleum Storage Tank Committee where eligibility decisions are made.

  • Initially, sites are evaluated for eligibility to the Fund based on statutory criteria. View the Fund Eligibility Table for more details on these criteria.
  • Any facility not operated in full compliance may be assigned "percent reductions" by the Committee on their reimbursement awards.
  • Any facility operated in "substantial non-compliance" with OPS tank operating regulations may not be eligible.
  • Tank owners and operators are responsible for the first $10,000 of remediation costs.
  • Reimbursement cannot exceed $2,000,000 per release occurrence.
  • Aggregate reimbursement per fiscal year for a single applicant remediating multiple occurrences cannot exceed $3,000,000.
  • Monies in the Fund come from various sources, predominantly the state environmental response surcharge imposed on all petroleum fuel products except railroad or aircraft fuel.
  • The surcharge amount varies according to the fund balance.
Fund BalanceSurcharge per Tanker Truckload
Above $12 millionNone
$6 - $12 million$50
$3 - $6 million$50
Below $3 million$100
Current Environmental Response Surcharge:  $50 per tank (effective 05/01/2023)
Previous Environmental Response Surcharge: $75 per tanker (effective 01/01/23)

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