Third Party Inspectors

Certificate of Inspection

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Certificate of Inspection

Sample Certificate of Inspection & Instructions

Third Party Ride Inspectors List

View the Third-Party Ride Inspectors List for contact information for third party inspectors who have previously performed inspections in Colorado.

Third Party Inspectors List

The inspectors included on the list above have been approved by the Division based on one or more of the following criteria specified in regulation.

Note: This list is not all-inclusive. There may be other qualified inspectors who have not submitted their credentials for the Division's approval or have not previously performed inspections in the State of Colorado.

Add or Update Third-Party Inspector Information

If you wish to be included on the Third Party Inspectors List, or if you are currently listed and would like to update or remove your information, please note that per the current Amusement Ride Regulations, renewal applications will now be required annually on April 15.

To manage this transition in the process, we are currently not accepting new or updated applications.

  • Inspectors who were approved for the 2019 season whose state-issued certification will expire between now and the release of the 2020 application are being granted an extension on their current permit to allow them to complete inspections in the state of Colorado.
  • New applicants who have work scheduled between now and the release of the 2020 application may contact OPS staff at or 303-318-8552 to apply to be included on the Third Party Inspectors List and will then have to renew (if approved) once the 2020 application is released.