Accident Reporting

If an accident causing an injury that results in death or requires medical treatment (other than first aid) administered by a physician or by registered professional personnel under the standing orders of a physician. Medical treatment does not include first aid treatment for one-time treatment and subsequent observation of minor scratches, cuts, burns, splinters, and any other minor injuries that do not ordinarily require medical care even though treatment is provided by a physician or by registered professional personnel. occurs on a conveyance, the conveyance owner must report the accident via a Conveyance Accident Report. As described on the accident report form, required actions by the owner differ depending upon whether the accident is the result of equipment malfunction or not. If the initial review of the equipment by the contractor indicates that the equipment has not malfunctioned, the conveyance may be placed back in service. If the equipment did malfunction, actions, as stated in the directions of the accident form, must be followed and the certificate of operation is revoked. For example:

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