Report Formats


OPS requires that all electronic correspondence and reports addressed to the Remediation Section must be uploaded to the OPS FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site using the FTP instructions.

Report Formats

Combined Report (SCR\MRR\NFAR) - includes the SCR (Site Characterization Report), MRR (Monitoring and Remediation Report) and NFAR (No Further Action Request) report formats and it replaces all previous versions of the SCR, MRR and NFAR report formats. For the functions of the report to operate correctly, the files must be opened and saved in Microsoft Excel 2007 or later versions. 

Corrective Action Plan Report (CAP\EFS\MNA Tool) - must be used for all CAP and CAP Modification submittals

Surface Release Characterization Report - is to be utilized if a surface release of less than 100 gallons of product was released and the released product did not come into contact with surficial soils, surface water, groundwater, a stormwater collection system that discharges to surface water or a sensitive environment.

Release Event Decommissioning Form - Must be used for all well abandonment and event decommissioning submittals. A Narrative can be provided, but not required. Include all applicable attachments with the Release Event Decommissioning Form. Please submit within 90 days of receiving a No Further Action Determination.


Any information provided to OPS, on submitted forms or other communication such as email, phone calls, etc., is available to the public upon request (CORA request, data request, etc.) or made available to the public (data sets, public databases, social media, webpage notices, etc.) Please be aware of this and provide company information, rather than personal information, wherever possible.