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Before watching the IATP Patron Education Video please note:

Restrictions on your use of the video is limited to viewing the video as it appears on OPS’ website. Unless you obtain IATP's advance permission in writing to do otherwise, you:


  • may not upload, post, transmit, share, or republish the Video, including on the Internet, intranet, or extranet sites or incorporate the Video in any other database or compilation,
  • may not use the Video for any competing service,
  • may not use the Video for a commercial (i.e., fee-generating) use, or re-distribute or sell the Video or access to the Video,
  • may not use the Video in any manner likely to cause confusion or that disparages or discredits the IATP, its directors and officers, or its members and suppliers,
  • may not use any of IATP 's names, trade names, trademarks, trade dress, service marks, characters, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features,
  • may not use any of the Video other than as specifically authorized herein, without the prior written permission of the IATP,
  • will not remove, obscure, or alter any proprietary rights notices (including copyright and trademark notices) or any disclaimers that may be affixed to or contained within the Video,
  • may not circumvent any mechanisms for preventing the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the Video,
  • will not store or archive a significant portion of the Video or create a database using the Video,
  • may not copy, distribute, or sublicense the Video.


IATP Patron Education Video


More information about IATP and their patron education video can be found at https://www.indoortrampolineparks.org/page/PatronEducation