Safety Commission Members


Dana Bijold headshot

Dana Bijold


Ted Jensen headshot

Ted Jensen

Vice Chair

Ray Swerdfeger headshot

Raymond Swerdfeger

Review Committee Coordinator


Carl Christian headshot man in a blue shirt, black vest, and black cowboy hat

Carl Christian

Woman with light skin and brown hair and glasses smiling


Mitch Pebley: man in a grey suit standing in front of a grey wall.

Mitch Pebley


Julie McCaleb headshot

Julie McCaleb


  • Member Category: Telecommunications/Broadband   
  • Term Expiration: 1/1/2025

Rob Martindale headshot

Rob Martindale


Kris Camblin headshot man with light skin smiling in a long sleeve denim shirt

Kristopher Camblin

Eric Lewin Headshot

Eric Lewin

Josh Meck Headshot

Josh Meck


Laura Lancaster Headshot

Laura Lancaster

Moses Alvarez Headshot

Moses Alvarez

Annemarie Bluff headshot

Annemarie Bluff