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Welcome to the OPS Petroleum Program Guidance. We are excited to share this resource with you, as it provides all of our guidance in one place, which means you no longer have to search through separate PDFs to find the information you need.

Our goal for this guidance is that it is valuable to you and easy to use, whether you need to know how to operate your tanks, what to do if you have a release or how to get reimbursed for cleanup costs.

Please note: this guidance does not supersede Colorado Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations and Statutes; rather, it describes our expectations for how you will comply with these rules.

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How To Use This Guidance

You can click on topics of interest on the Contents tab on the left side of the screen, use hyperlinks to references, access a glossary of terms and use the search tool in the upper right. 

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Colorado Storage Tank Information System - Interactive (COSTIS-IA)

For information on storage tank facilities, check out the link below! 


To help you learn and search within the community, we have created this COSTIS-IA Unauthenticated Searching quick reference guide.