Submit a Complaint


Submitting a complaint to the Safety Commission begins the process toward a complaint hearing occurring.

To submit a formal complaint to the Safety Commission regarding an alleged violation of the law that occurred on or after August 8, 2018, you may complete one of the following:

Damage Form 

If you complete the PDF complaint form and your complaint includes a near-miss or underground facility damage, please also complete the form below to provide as much information as possible about the near-miss/damage.**

Underground Facility Damage Form

**If you are the owner or operator of a damaged underground facility, you are also required to report the damage to Colorado 811 within 90 days after service has been restored per Section 9-1.5-103(7)(b) of the Colorado Excavation Requirements Statute.**

Please note: Safety Commission complaint hearing decisions are limited to determinations as to whether the Excavation Requirements Act (Title 9, Article 1.5, Colorado Revised Statutes) was violated.

The Safety Commission cannot give legal advice and does not make determinations about liability for damages; the Colorado state court system may be the appropriate venue for parties seeking third party resolution of liability for damages.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In addition to submitting a complaint, you may also pursue alternative dispute resolution through Colorado 811. View the details on the Colorado 811 website using the link below.

Colorado 811 - Alternative Dispute Resolution