Online Payments & Fees

Use the Online Payment System to pay your boiler invoice more efficiently.

The Online Payment System allows you to make a payment with a credit card or electronic check through the state eGovernment service provider, Colorado.gov.

The total amount of your transaction will reflect pricing through the Colorado.gov electronic payment processor.

  • The Colorado.gov price for payments made via electronic check is $1.00.
  • The Colorado.gov price for payments made via credit card will equal a percentage of the transaction amount.

If you need a receipt to verify the invoice amount and fee amount, please contact Sandi Johnson at 720-753-8640 or sandi.johnson@state.co.us.

Inspection Fee Schedule

Boiler inspection and certificate fee table
Boiler Type
Inspection Type
     BTU Input
Inspection Frequency
Certificate Issued?
Inspection Fee
Certificate Fee

State Inspector

Insurance Inspector

All Boilers
Initial internal/external inspection
Initial after installation
ASME Section I Power Boiler
Internal (waterside) inspection
     • 5,000,000 btu/hr inputAnnualYes$100$15$25
     • 1,000,000 but < 5,000,000 btu/hr inputAnnualYes$85$15$25
     < 1,000,000 btu/hr inputAnnualYes$70$15$25
ASME Section I Power Boiler
External (fireside) inspection following the internal certificate inspection
      All capacitiesAnnualNo$50$15N/A
ASME Section I Power Boiler
External (fireside) inspection where construction does not permit internal inspection
      • 5,000,000 btu/hr inputAnnualYes$85$15$25
      • 1,000,000 but < 5,000,000 btu/hr inputAnnualYes$75$15$25
     < 1,000,000 btu/hr inputAnnualYes$65$15$25
ASME Section IV Heating Boiler
External (fireside) inspection
     • 5,000,000 btu/hr inputEvery 2 yearsYes$85$15$25
     • 1,000,000 but < 5,000,000 btu/hr inputEvery 2 yearsYes$75$15$25
     < 1,000,000 btu/hr inputEvery 2 yearsYes$65$15$25
Water heaters inspected as boilers due to BTU input, capacity (gallons) or temperature
     All capacitiesEvery 2 yearsYes$35$15$25
Direct-fired Jacketed Steam Kettles
External inspection
     All capacitiesEvery 2 yearsYes$35$15$25
Exempt Boilers and Pressure Vessels
External inspection
     All capacitiesUpon requestNo$85$0$0
Historical Boilers
External inspection
     All capacitiesEvery 3 yearsYes$85$15$25
Historical Boilers
Internal inspection
     All capacitiesEvery 3 yearsYes$85$15$25