Approved Training Courses

Approved Training Courses

Revised April 5, 2024


Dr. Vilem Petr, Petr Explosives Group
Phone: 303-273-0303 | Email: vpetr@icloud.com
Website: Petr Explosives Training School


State of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
Phone: (307) 675-5612 | Wyoming Email: reo.barney@wyo.gov
Colorado Blasters Email: kim.harvill@state.co.us
Website: Wyoming Land Quality Division Blasting
Courses: Wyoming Blaster Certification Class (in person), Wyoming DEQ Blasting Webinars


Axis Energy Services
Phone: 720-818-3689 | Email: dan.hazel@axisofs.com
Course: Explosives Safety


American Explosives Group
Phone: (541) 554-6720 | Email: jack@americanexplosivesgroup.com
Website: Blasters Bootcamp


Canadian Avalanche Association
Email: egrady@avalancheassociation.ca
Website: www.avalancheassociation.ca
Course: Avalanche Control Blasting (12 hours)

Janeen Smith, J. Smith & Associates, LLC
Phone: 303-881-3840 | Email: JSmithExReg@gmail.com
Course: Hazardous Material Transportation Training for Explosives  (16 hours)


Southwest Energy, LLC
Phone: 775-217-8246 | Email: Agonzalez@swenergy.com
Course: Colorado Explosives Training (16 hours)


Explosives Academy
Phone: 800-432-0840 | Email: cstrong@explosivesacademy.org
Website: www.explosivesacademy.org

  • DOT Safe Transportation of Explosives by Highway Certification (16 hours)
  • State of Colorado Type I Explosives Permit Training and Certification (16 hours)


Alan Nelson & Mario Dominguez, Dawson Geophysical Company
Phone: 432-681-3003 | Email: safety@dawson3d.com
Courses: State of Colorado Explosives Training (16 hours)


Dr. Anthony Konya, Academy Blasting
Phone: 303-273-0303 | Email: Anthony@idc-pbs.com
Website: Academy Blasting
Course: Basics of Blasting (4 hours), online course


Craig Beveridge, Owen Oil Tools, LP
Phone: 817-551-0540
Course: Oilfield Explosives Safety Seminar


Casedhole Solutions Explosive Safety
Website: www.casedhole-solutions.com
Course: Explosive Safety


Bill Delaporte, Velocity
Phone: 910-257-6103 | Email: bdelaporte@trainvelocity.com
Course: Tactical Breaching (40 hours)


Eric Roseman and Associates, Gemini Wireline, LLC
Phone: 785-432-0165 or 785-625-1182 | Email: geminiwireline@gmail.com
Course: Explosive Safety Training (16 hours)


International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE)
Phone: 440-349-4400
Main website: isee.org
Training website: isee.rapidlms.com

  • ISEE Webinar Series: Blasters Training (16 hours total, 1 hour per course)
  • ISEE Blasters Training Seminar (4 hours or 8 hours)
  • ISEE Practical Blasting Fundamentals Level 1 (16 hours) Classroom and Online Course
  • Annual Best in the West Drill and Blast Conference (16 hours)

The Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME)
Phone: 202-429-9280
Website: www.ime.org


Dr. Calvin J. Konya, Academy for Explosives and Blasting Technology
Phone: 440-474-6700 | Email: info@idc-pbs.com
Course: Surface Blast Design Workshop


Steve Crosby, Cutters Wireline Service
Phone: 970-257-6656


Matthew Aemisegger, Weatherford International
Phone: 720-355-3676 | Email: matthew.aemisegger@weatherford.com
Course: Global Explosives Course with Louisiana Blaster (16 hours)


Robert McClure, RAM Inc.
Phone: 740-363-6976 | Email: r.mcclure@ramets.com
Website: www.ramets.com
Course: Surface Blasting Course, Rapid City, South Dakota


Michael J.J. McPeake
Phone: 719-352-1318 | Email: mcpeake@reagan.com


William Poe, Explosives Services International
Phone: 225-275-2152 | Email: bpoe@explosiveserviceintl.com or jpoe@explosiveserviceintl.com
Website: www.explosiveservice.com/training

  • Annual Louisiana Explosive Refresher (4 hours)
  • Louisiana Certification Course (16 hours)
  • Explosive Handler Safety Course (32 hours)


Greg French, Purgatory Resort
Phone: 702-353-4184 or 970-247-9000 | Email: gfrench@purgatory.ski
Course: Explosives Refresher


Dan Hazel, Professional Edge Consulting, LLC
Phone: 720-818-3689 or 720-383-4691 | Email: peconsult03@gmail.com
Course: Oilfield Explosives Safety (16 hours)

Additional Information

Type I Explosives Permit holders seeking to renew their permits are required to either:

  • Take the Type I Explosives Permit exam that is administered by Explosives Program staff; or
  • Provide proof of receiving 16 hours of continuing education training, in a course pre-approved by the Division of Oil and Public Safety, during the previous three years.

If you or your employer would like to have your training program reviewed to determine if your program is eligible for approved training hours, please complete the Explosives Training Course Approval Form and submit the following items to the Explosives Program via email to cdle_explosives@state.co.us.

  • Complete training manual (PowerPoint, PDF and Word files are accepted)
  • Statement of the number of training hours being requested for each course
  • Sample of course completion documentation (certificate, letter, etc.)