Approved Training Courses


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Approved Training Courses
Type I Explosives Permit holders seeking to renew their permits are required to either:

  • Take the Type I Explosives Permit exam that is administered by Explosives Program staff; or
  • Provide proof of receiving 16 hours of continuing education training, in a course pre-approved by the Division of Oil and Public Safety, during the previous three years.

If you or your employer would like to have your training program reviewed to determine if your program is eligible for approved training hours, please complete the Explosives Training Course Approval Form and submit the following items to the Explosives Program via email to cdle_explosives@state.co.us.

  • Complete training manual (PowerPoint, PDF and Word files are accepted)
  • Statement of the number of training hours being requested for each course
  • Sample of course completion documentation (certificate, letter, etc.)