For more information regarding boilers and pressure vessels, you may contact the Boiler Inspection Program at 720-661-4613 or cdle_boiler@state.co.us.

In order to receive an operating certificate, the fee must be paid in full and any requirements noted during the inspection must be brought into compliance.

Check the Boiler Database for information about your boilers.

Colorado statutes require notification of a newly-installed or relocated boiler to the state boiler office before the boiler is placed in service. This notification may be made by the boiler owner, user or installer. Ultimately, however, it is the boiler owner who will be held accountable if proper notification is not made.

Go to the OPS Boiler Program Forms page to get a copy of the Installation Application.

If you maintain insurance on your boiler, the insurance inspector, who is commissioned by the State, will perform the required periodic inspections. If the insurance is canceled, a state inspector will inspect your boiler. In addition, only a state inspector may perform the first certificate inspection at the time of initial installation.

You may access these documents via the Boiler Database, or you may contact us at 720-661-4613.

The repairs must be performed by a boiler technician who has an "R" Stamp issued by the National Board of Boiler Inspectors.
Check the Manufacturer and Repair Directory to ensure your technician has the proper credentials.

Contact us at 720-661-4613 or cdle_boiler@state.co.us to request an extension.

Complete the Contact/Owner Change form that is available on the OPS Boiler Program Forms page and submit it to the Boiler Inspection office.

Pool boilers are required to be inspected. Pool heaters are found in systems that are open (to the atmosphere) and cannot be pressurized; therefore, they do not meet the definition of a boiler and are exempt from regulation.