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We are Hiring a Conveyance Technician!
If you would like to join the OPS Conveyance team, click this link for more details and to apply!

Revised Regulations Effective 1/1/21
Please review the Conveyance regulations.

2020/2021 License Renewals

If you are a licensed conveyance mechanic and have been furloughed, or laid off during the current crisis, you may delay the renewal of your 2020/2021 license until such time as you are to return to work. The OPS will prorate the license fee based on the month that you return to work. Those mechanics who need continuing education this year will have to have to complete the continuing education in order to renew. 

NEII Develops Safety/Hygiene Tips for the Riding Public and Facility Managers

NEII has developed tips for facility managers and for the riding public. These documents are intended to be downloaded and/or shared ‚Äì we encourage you to pass these along to your customers.  

Current Bulletin

Click on the link below to view the current Conveyance Program Bulletin.

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