Certified Laboratories

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Oil and Public Safety (CDLE-OPS) only accepts laboratory data from a CDLE-OPS Certified laboratory. To become an approved CDLE-OPS Certified laboratory, the laboratory must be accredited (see the four options below). Reimbursement costs are dependent on the laboratory's in-state or out-of-state presence.  See our Reasonable Cost Guidelines (RCG) Policies for specific reimbursement rates. Contact the Remediation Supervisor, Mary White, (720 584-5101 or marykv.white@state.co.us) with any questions.

* In the below linked document indicates a corresponding certification date by method.

Listing of CDLE-OPS Certified Laboratories (Google Sheet)

Note, the OPS Certified Laboratories table presents an abbreviated list of analytical methods pertinent to OPS. The consultant should confirm methods and analytes not listed are included in the laboratories certification.  

Provide one of the following four options to become a CDLE-OPS certified laboratory:

  1. National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP);
  2. Drinking Water Laboratory Certification from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) or USEPA Method 524;
  3. Any other laboratory accreditation program that requires passing at least one annual performance test; or 
  4. A report of passing results from an accredited laboratory performance test provider for at least one annual performance test for EPA Method 8260.

Important: Accreditation must be provided annually to retain the CDLE-OPS Certified Laboratory status. Please submit accreditation paperwork to April Kelly at april.kelly@state.co.us