Application Information

**Download and save a copy of the form(s) you need, and then enter the required information in the saved copy instead of typing in the form that appears in the browser window.**

Registration Application

In order to register regulated amusement rides and devices, click on the registration application listed below, download a copy and fill it in.

Registration Application

Certificate of Inspection

If you need additional copies of the Certificate of Inspection form, you may access it by clicking on the link below.

Certificate of Inspection

Sample Certificate of Inspection & Instructions 

Application Fees

Once you have completed the application and determined the appropriate fee, calculated using the table below, submit the application and payment (made payable to the Division of Oil &, Public Safety) to the address listed on the application.

Fee CategoryRegistration fee for amusement ride operatorplusRegistration fee for class A and B rides
Fee Amount$500+$130 per ride

Proof of Insurance

In addition, please provide your insurance agent with the following contact information in order for him or her to send a copy of your current liability insurance certificate directly to us.